The Project

The Daisy Place Sketch

The Daisy Place is an up and coming premier location in Clearfield, PA. The concept is to provide commercial services for the residents of the surrounding communities with convenient options they may not be able to get elsewhere.

04 Greenland Daisy St Sketchup 2-6-18
Greenland Daisy Place Rear Alternate

The building sits at a crosshairs of the community, right in front of an office park with multiple apartment buildings. State Route 322 runs along the front of the building with tons of traffic that commutes on a daily basis. This provides exclusivity for the residents that live there, as well as convenient place to stop for those traveling.

Greenland Daisy Place Front Alternate
Untitled design-79

We are currently in the construction phase of the project: the perfect time to find your place as a part of our team. Contact us today! We'd love to discuss the possibilities of this amazing opportunity.

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