Upper Level

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Main Level

Aerial View of the business suites
upper level suites the daisy place

The Main Level will be comprised of a number of business suites and shared office spaces.

The idea is to house a variety of businesses that will service the needs of the surrounding residential buildings and also benefit from the traffic of the other businesses. We want to create a community of businesses that really makes our neighborhood shine.

The Upper Level will be made up of one and two bedroom luxury apartments, including a number of apartments that are handicap accessible. We are currently accepting applications for these units, which are expected to be completed by 2020.

Early applicants that are approved will be able to choose their desired apartment on a first-come-first-serve basis.

suite spaces at the daisy place
Business Suite Square Footage Breakdown

Here's How It All Breaks Down:

The Main Level will be made up of six suites, as shown to the left. Each suite is listed with it's separate square footage, but we are still in the construction phase of the project, so if your business requires additional square footage, we are open to negotiation.

We are very flexible with the buildout process. You have the option to bring in your own construction company to complete your buildout of the space, with no penalty.

We are also building out shared offices spaces in Suites A & B and filling these spaces on a first-come-first-serve basis, so don't wait and call us today to reserve your new location!

Learn More About Our Available Spaces Today

All of our spaces are currently under construction, so it's the perfect time to choose your space today and we can build it to meet your specific needs. Don't wait for a space that might work for your business, contact us today by filling out the form below and we can build one for you!